Very quick update

I have 7 minutes of online and electricity time remaining today so I have to be very brief. Since my phone was damaged and doesn’t charge properly, I don’t even have enough power on it to be able to connect and chat with people the way I usually do at nigth and because of a lack of funds and a local restaurant choosing to tell me not to come back unless I’m ordering something (more about that story when I have more time) I won’t be able to plug in and charge to full before I bed down for the night.

I used a lot of my time today speaking with people that are working to help the homeless situation on a regional level in my state. A lot of that was explaining how local churches and charities tend to overlook things that are really needed because of a mindset that homeless people have no need of that. Like me having power and internet access beyond what I can get at the library… I play games online with other people in part because that’s how I deal with the immense stress I’m under and also how I make contact with people like you that do donate and help out. The local powers see that as me misusing money, but when the donation is coming from someone that I play with and that donated in part just to be able to play with ME, who are they to judge that I’m misusing the money that people online donate when they won’t do anything to help themselves?

Sorry if that doesn’t make sense but they just flashed the lights at the library which is the “get out now” signal… I’ll post more when I can and if anyone has an extra $20 so I can go to a restaurant and eat something instead of stealing food to eat out in the woods, it would be very much appreciated.

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