Easter Miracle?

I went on offerup to look for a new phone charger to replace the one that was stolen at the warming station and came across a listing for a gaming laptop I would practically KILL for (not really of course, so stop adding me to any of those lists).

I’ve made a link to the model below. It is used but very gently used and they want to upgrade to a desktop. Maybe I should see if I could offer my expertise in doing custom builds as a partial payment?

Anyway, if anyone out there would like to make an aging gamer’s dream come true on his 48th birthday and Easter Sunday, send the donations if you can or if you know anyone trying to pull an Ebenezer Scrooge and make up for lost time buy splurging on the poor and needy now, send them along, LOL. The cost is $550 and I could probably scrounge up at least $50 myself (might have to pawn the current laptop to do that).

Here’s the link to a similar laptop on Amazon.

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