Hump day….. No, Friday now

Sorry for not posting more regularly, but after this explanation, I think you will understand just what kind of absolute hell I live in.

So you might remember the guy from previous posts that I loaned the $10 to with the assurance that he would pay me back $30 in a few days. Well, he finally gave me $5 last week, but now wants me to forget about the other $5, much less the $30 promised. I’m not going to do that. It’s not about the money, it’s about the fact that one homeless person took advantage of another one and then just wants to let it go away. But there’s more…


So, I woke up on Monday and sat down at the same table with that guy (we’ll call him D) and a couple of others. D says the seat is taken, but the chair is pushed in and there is no sign of anyone’s food or drink or other belongings there, so I tell him that if that person returns, I’ll move. At this point he and his friend we’ll call K; both get up and move to another table. Then I hear D call me a child molester out of nowhere. So, I go to confront him because, as many of you know, ANY form of child abuse is one of my triggers that I just will not let pass. I asked him where he heard this information, and his reply was a ‘very good friend of his’s knew this about me. I said let’s go find his friend and let them say it to my face, but of course, he doesn’t want that.

At this point, one of the volunteers sees that there is something up and just wants to end the hostilities in the church building and I tell him that I wasn’t being hostile, I was only asking D how he had any grounds to say such a thing. The volunteer said to take it outside, and I told him that in the Bible it says that if you have a problem with someone take it up with them (which I just did by refuting his claims), and if the matter cannot be settled, then take it before the lord of the house, the magistrate… basically whoever has immediate authority over the place where it happened and work your way up. Since this happened on church property, the best person to take it to would be the pastor or one of the officers of the church. Wouldn’t that be your stance on the matter?

The church member/volunteer didn’t want to get involved, but luckily one of the female homeless who was a victim of sexual assault wasn’t having it and went to my defense stopped it REAL FAST.

How are any of us supposed to trust these volunteers to help us if when there is a real issue that needs to be addressed, they just back away and let things run their course? Is that the kind of society we really want to have?

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