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So I’m sitting in Hardee’s to use their internet and electricity and one of the other people from the warming station gave me some French toast sticks that were still warm and delicious. The guy that I loaned the $10 to with the promise of him returning $30 to me a couple of days later STILL owes me (hasn’t even returned the original $10 yet) but someone said last night that they were going out with him alone without me ONLY so they could press this guy for my money. Needless to say, that guy that said he would stand with me about the money better be ready to do so publicly because I’ll make a thing out of it. He had my trust, and I would have done anything for him that I could do, but if they lied about that just to cut me out of the good times that I’m still technically paying for, then that is the end. You no longer exist in my universe.

Yeah, this might seem like a lot of drama over $10, but it’s more about the trust and the understanding. All the people that let him get away with this and saw him spending money to make them happy when I wasn’t around, when I get out of this situation by writing this kind of stuff and letting the interested pay to get more details and names, they have no place to come around me then and say, “Remember the fun we had back then?” I will do as my lord says, I will look on them and say that I know them not. You weren’t willing to truly empathize with someone in a bad situation and at least speak up for them, I know you not. I really worry how many of these people that SAY they believe realize that by their actions they are falling short of what we SAY is the right thing to do?

I tend to make people uncomfortable. I think it might be because I keep on trying to hold myself to a higher standard than what they have accepted as the status quo.

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