Hope that it works out

So, the other homeless guy that I loaned the money to yesterday that said he would give me the $30 for the domain and hosting didn’t follow through so far… I still hope that it’s just a mix-up and that he’ll be returning at least the $10 to me sometime today. If not, I’ll be looking for odd jobs within walking distance to try to make the $30. The original $10 I loaned him was from someone I helped out filling out the forms to file the late return to get his stimulus checks he never received. He had no idea that you were supposed to file a return even if you had NO income for that year. I didn’t know that myself until a few years ago. It always seemed rather pointless to go through that much time and effort just to report nothing, LOL.

Anyway, I have another 2 hours of net access for the day and I spent most of the time I had on a TikTok live trying to support another creator. I don’t have coins to give them, but I can at least watch the live and tap the screen to help them out, so I did.

That’s all for now. Back to work on more of my story. Hope you are all doing well and I’ll post more when I have access and more news.

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